Revival Coffee Roasting Co. is a small faith-based micro-coffee roasting company out of Baltimore with a two-part focus. The first focus is to bring our customers fresh high quality coffee. Our green coffee is selectively sourced and we offer our customers Organic and/or Organic & Fair-Trade coffee. We roast our coffee in small batches ensure freshness and to prevent waste. We also keep our packaging simplistic and use eco-friendly products. The second part of our company is purpose driven and based off of our passion for the local community. Revival Coffee Roasting Co. was inspired because of an interaction with a homeless woman. We saw a need for more empathy, love, and kindness and realized that if we want to see positive change in the world then it needs to start with us. Our company is still so new, but we love to give back by partnering with local non-profit organizations and assist with their events or fundraisers. We are always seeking active partnerships with non-profit organizations in our local community and encourage local individuals to become more aware of the need around us.  One day we hope to become a coffee company that is not only recognized for having "good" coffee, but one that also is very much involved in our local community. 
 We believe in quality coffee, in the good of others, and being the change we want to see in the world. Together we can brew a better tomorrow! 

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